Our resistance  to  white oppression began on the African  continent  and  continued  wheresoever  we  were transported  to.

Prior  to the Great Disaster our peoples  ruled ourselves majestically.

We  encountered the  European/Caucasoid man and  there  was  a  stumbling on the Path. We  became  enslaved  and  were even considered  property  to be  bought and  sold  at Markets.

We did  nit lose our dignity.The  enslaved  engaged  in psychological and  spiritual warfare as we  attempted  to regain our honourable position  on the planet. We demonstrated perseverance  and optimum optimism. We did not  give up or  give in. Our resistance to the oppression has  redefined the relationships that we  now define  as rights on  this planet. We demanded  and commanded the right  to equality. We demanded Justice.We continue to shape  and reshape modern  paradigms of social/human  interaction.We shall not stop  our  struggle until all are  treated with respect and  dignity.Our  struggle for ourselves  has been   a struggle for all.

Among our  shapers and  contributors  to the new paradigms of social equality  and Justice  have been Caribbean Man,who came on the  same  ship. Our  demographic mix on the plantation allowed us to maintain  the  status of  a majority sector  in the  social scheme of  things. Our young men  remained  nold, and  daring.Some of us through forced  circumstances  migrated.The memories of our island  autonomy remained  with us. We held our heads  high. We did not bow.


May your  strength inspire us to endure to the  end