It is  time  to once  again  reflect  upon our  historical past,  review  our  journey of yesterday  as we  concentrate on today and  chart  a course  for tomorrow.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare has been/is one of the  organizations in Republic Trinidad & Tobago that has/continues  to advocate for  self-expression of the composite  sectors of our multi ethnic,multi racial,plural  society.

2017 meets us  at the first official Amerindian Heritage Day  Holiday been observed  by our State.

We are moving on in the International Decade for People  of African Descent, where as yet  no major policy or program of  recognition  for the African  sector of  society has  been  constructed  to facilitate  highlighting of the  role  and history of Africans  in the  development of our cosmopolitan  Nation.

As we  open this month of  reflection,commemoration, celebration and  fore-planning  we urge our African citizens to make  conscious efforts to embrace bonafide knowledge and information on ourselves  and our contributions to world and Caribbean  society.

During this  month  we shall highlight small tidbits of  information that we hope  shall stimulate our visitors and regular readers on this  site  to explore in  depth  the contribution of the African to world and Caribbean identity and high science and  civilization.

We open by asking  do you know this Trinbagonian  performer and the issue  he addresses here?