The oil refinery at Pointe-à-Pierre

The oil refinery at Pointe-à-Pierre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks the beginning of African History Month in Ile – Iere ati Ile – Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

As we engage this month, I wish to begin by paying respects to my own biological Ancestors male and female, maternal and paternal that sit at the feet of Eledumare.

I give thanks for my humble beginnings in Ile Iere – Trinidad.

I give  thanks to James Stanley Paul, with whom I had my early upbringing.

I give thanks to Selwyn and Cynthia Maxime, who enjoyed taking care of me as a child. I give thanks to all my teachers at Sacred Heart Boys’ School – Western Boys’ R.C.

African History Month is an opportune time to revisit our historical and family past and to reflect upon the struggles and achievements of our family and people – locally and globally, and celebrate our achievements and accomplishments.

Our recent history have been one of struggle against inhumanity of man by man.

Globally this struggle still continues.

Our people have achieved so much, yet we know so little of our achievements.

Our country is this year celebrating fifty years of flag Independence and Africans citizens in this country still hold second class citizenship.

Africans in this country have empowered every government  from Albert Gomes  leader of the Party of Political Progress Groups to Kamla Persad Bissessar current Prime Minister of Republic Trinidad & Tobago, first female elected Prime Minister and leader of the  Peoples’ Partnership and yet the equity with which we ought to be treated is lacking in the policies, actions and practice of even the current government,after fifty years of our people supporting every government that governed this country.

As we engage this month’s activities we hope to bring different snippets of our history to the fore, every snippet significant and important. Some may be termed trivia by others ,but to the author of this article all accomplishments highlighted are significant.

Today we attach a link of a fellow Trinbagonian whom many of us may have never heard of or of his accomplishments.

Take a look, find more links on your own and leave your comments.

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