African People's Socialist Party office, Oakla...

African People’s Socialist Party office, Oakland, California (Photo credit: Curtis Cronn)

We are in the midst of positive political turmoil.After forty years of P.N.M. rule which betrayed the aspirations of it’s citizens,the past several years have seen the population negotiating a fresh path forward. This has manifested in rule through the N.A.R. , N,A.R./U.N.C. and the current Peoples’ Partnership that had comprised of the Movement for Social Justice, National Joint Action Committee, Congress of the People and the United National Congress.

All these shifts in political administrators have been the attempts of the people to establish genuine people’s power.

As difficult as this has been to accept by some Africans these shift in paradigm shall bring our beloved Nation closer to genuine democracy. However in all political systems,interst groups and concerns MUST be ORGANIZED if they desire to reap the benefits they have negotiated for through their collective political will and action.

So as we mark, commemorate and celebrate African History Month, we reflect upon some of the achievements that Africans made for and on behalf of our beloved Nation. Do note that at the time of their accomplishments every African origined/descendant person participate in any world event was assessed as representing their race nicely called ” Black people” at the time.

Relish in the accomplishment of our National heroes that comprised African descendants/origined people not because their was racial discrimination but because no other race/ethnic group qualified to represent us.


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