Whether it is  athletics or other  sports, our people  have  always  showed  excellence in the   various  sporting  disciplines.

Many of our  excellent athletes  would  have  originated  in  countries  considered  poor  by European  definitions of  such  countries. Many of the  athletes/sportsmen and  sportswomen would have  also germinated in social environments  that did not have  developed scouting  systems  to harvest the best trainees in particular  disciplines. Yet our  athletes, sportsmen and  sportswomen attained excellence in their  various fields of  endeavor.

As we  commemorate ,celebrate  and Mark African History Month  2017 we  wish  to congratulate Clive Llyod  who as  a former  West Indies  captain led our  team  through some  remarkable triumphs.

Clive  was  born in Georgetown, Guyana, then  called  British  Guiana.

He  led the  West Indies  as  captain  in  a spell of  wins  for  twenty  seven(27)  test matches  without  defeat.

Today, I  salute Clive Lloyd .