The ongoing re-definition of ourselves takes place everyday in every arena and sector of life.

Change, adaptation  and adjustment to change is almost inevitable.

Alkebu-lanese have utilized many media to store our experiences and give advice to our people.

Many Ifa/Orisa devotees are now fully aware of the role of Ifa as a data base of the experiences of our people on this planet.

Calypsonians/kaisonians have over the many years of their emergence in this social environment recorded and documented local and world history and events, sometimes in very general terms, but many times with names and specifics that those who know can immediatelt identify with the history being delivered via the kaiso medium.

Fred Mitchell Agba Olusino has been and remains even though he has left this plane one of our great historian/commentors on the plight of workers and the challenges that Alkebu-lanese citizens face in these islands of ours.

Many are the sad stories of social rejection and stealing of the royalties and intellectual and property rights of calypsonians in Republic Trinidad & Tobago and beyond.

Calypsonians sang and presented in unique and peculiar forms to the individual artiste.

Some chose commentary while othrs selected other modes of educating/entertaining their audiences.

Agba Fred Mitchell aka Mighty Composer we are reliably informed was introduced to Alkebu-lanese sacred science from an early age.

As the Black Power Revolution began to burn its way through the rubble of colonial thrash fed our people Mighty Composer became involved in one of the most dynamic and revolutionary spiritual organization in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Agba Olusino Fred Mitchell among Oris Devotees

Agba Olusino Fred Mitchell among Orisa devotees

As spiritual forces began to gather in the period of the 1970’s Agba Olusino found himself as part of Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

At that time Egbe Onisin Eledumare found itself attracting members from all walks of life and from all professions. Teachers, academics, port workers, DEWD workers, life guards, micro entrepreneurs, food caterers, taxi drivers and even the unemployed and students.

He became extremely active and as the Orisa community began its efforts at mobilizing its membership for social and legal recognition, Agba Olusino played a dynamic role as he bridged the links between North and South Trinidad and between radical/revolutionary representatives of the Orisa faith and conservative elements who though unsure of the direction of the radical/revolutionary elements were in many instances sure that they were directed by Orisa and Ancestors.

I had always emphasized  the need to visit our Motherland -Alkebu-lan and again like our previously highlighted spoken word  artiste Lancelot Kebu Layne he to visited Alkebu-lan wwere he received the title Olusino. May his memory and works live on.

May the voices of our chantwells and kasiomen and women lead us through the uncertain moments.

By kaiso are our stories told.