As African History Month winds down and comes to a close we wish to give thanks to all visitors and participants, friends and well wishers who visited this site and interacted with us through their comments. We wish to thank Supreme Being &Intelligence-The King tnat sits in Replendence-Mother& Father God for all mercies and beneficience. We wish to thank Kabiyesi Oba Isese Agbaye-ERINSINBA KAN-OBA ADEKOYA, who gave his full support to this effort. We wish to thank ATAYESE ati YEYE ATAYESE of ISESE AGBAYE WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY for their dedication and full technical support in helping us broadcast this message. We wish to thank BRIGITTE SCHUECH for her technical support and advice and her promise to further support our efforts. We wish to thank SABRINA TITTLEY, for her dedication and technical support, We wish to thank all the youths who visited this site but particularly AMADHU WILTSHIRE who also gave technical advice, We wish to thank AMAR and MALAIKA We wish to thank AWON ELEGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE We wish to thankAWON ELEGBE ISESE AGBAYE WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY We wish to thank GLORIA MOSES We wish to thank SYLVESTINE SOUGRIN PAUL We wish to thank OLORI ADETOLA MASSETUNGI We wish to thank ALL OTHERS WHOSE NAMES AND IDENTITIES were not posted here. Tis was an exercise of love and patience. May we all reap the benefits of our work and contributions.

One response to “CONCLUSION

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    thanks to google I found you


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