Earlier hosting of Ase Odun Olokun

at Ase Odun Olokun Ile Durani/Ile Iere

OLOKUN, is a Monarch of planetary waters.

As such Olokun, is also associated with memory and primordial beginnings.

Many are the world “mythologies” that describe beginnings out of an aquatic environment and medium.

In the soul of this medium is the memory of pre-time.

Several years ago, having met Chief Osemwegie Ebohon Egbe Onisin Eledumare embarked upon establishing in our spiritual domain the essence of Olokun called by her name.

The journey has been long and took us to many parts of the islands of Trinidad & Tobago -Ile Durani/Ile Iere  ati Ile Aloubera.

President Arthur Napoleon Robinson with Chief Olakela Massetungi

Former President ofthe RepublicTrinidad & Tobago H.E. Chief Olokun Igbaro Ife

Somehow Olokun, began playing a more  visible significant  role in our twin islands polity after that event.

We had at least three significant titles of Olokun held in Republic Trinidad and Tobago,

Olokun Igbaro of Ife, Yeye Olokun Ife  ati Iyun Olokun Ife.

The Ase Odun Olokun as a National celebration of maritime environments that placed focused on maritime sustenance, protection and preservation was never given the respect it ought to have been given even by Orisa practitioners in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Many corporate entities ,particularly those most prone to harming our maritime environment were approached for sponsorship, and all of them turned down our requests for financial and other support.

Today our country has at times felt the impact of the Ocean and maritime essence upon our twin islands Republic.

Leaders of African sacred science and Warao sacred science at Banwari site

Former spokesperson of Warao community Trinidad Rabina Shar ati Oloye Orawale Oranfe 2016

Extending the reach of the festival Egbe Onisin Eledumare supported by the Warao community in Trinidad & Tobago then made a most significant leap that is still impacting upon our spiritual advance in our geopolity. Members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare as part of an Ase Odun Olokun event went to Banwari site where the spirits of Alkebu-lan Man met with Banwari Woman. This spiritual marriage increased social,spiritual and cultural interactions between Alkebu-lanese population and Warao and other First Nations inhabitants and indigenes of this land.

Warao Shaman Raould Simon ati Karina Payi Atakosang Cristo Adonis meet and greet as the ritual is about to begin

We have been successful over the years in keeping open the communication links between First Nations inhabitants and Alkebu-lanese inhabitants here and have created forum where both major First Nations representatives could participate wit respect and camaraderie. Over many years, it was Egbe Onisin Eledumare that joined on Emancipation mornings with members of the Karina community( so called Caribs) to join ranks with that community in celebrating their/our ancestors. We are indeed thankful for the warm and embracing reception we have received from all of our First Nations indigenes and citizens as we moved ourselves across this land. This has been so irrespective of who the office bearers were in those communities.

1st. Annual Ancestral walk of Warao community Ile Durani

1st Annual Ancestral Walk of Warao community

As we commemorate, celebrate and engage African History Month here in the Caribbean and particularly here in Ile Durani/Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago on behalf of our community we wish to give our heartfelt and warm and sincere thanks for the accommodation of ourselves as we fled the plantations in an earlier times and were welcomed by you even though such accommodation may have at times posed threats to the security of your own community. Our collaborative efforts I am sur impacted on the decision of our State representatives to make effort to respectfully re -inter the sacred remains of Ancestors found at the Red House site.

I pray that as this has been accomplished that ALL PEOPLES of this land even where there roles may have appeared as “bad” would sit together in communion to re-chart the course and destiny of this land and so impact upon our planet as we move Towards Planetary Peace.