All of our Caribbean territories are filled with histories of resistance against oppressive and invasive forces, situations, person, parties, and governments in pursuit of establishing more relevant social conditions that would embrace love, humane interaction, equality of opportunity for all. education for all, religious and spiritual freedom, freedom of association and many such other egalitarian concepts and qualities.

In Jamaica in the 1820’s  was born a leader who considered freedom, and equality and important issue.

This was/is Paul Bogle.

Paul Bogle is reported to have been born in 1820 fourteen years before the Proclamation of Emancipation Act read on 1833 to become effective on August 1st 1834 for those territories then under British colonial rule/governance.

This would suggest that as a young man growing up he would have seen and experienced the pain and deprivation associated with slavery. He would have also felt a sense of hope since dominant in the social and political atmosphere was the talk and disease centered around the intended freedom of the “enslaved”.

Paul grew up and eventually became a member of those person having hope to be free men and women in 1834, but who were forced to wait another four years under legal servitude called apprenticeship.

By about age 18yrs, fired with hope and enthusiasm Paul would face the social inequalities that all “freed” persons experienced under the still existent colonial system.

Paul eventually became a Baptist Deacon in 1864 at the age of 44yrs. He concentrated on building the social awareness of his members at his chapel in Stony Gut. The social awareness and organized vehicle of Bogle’s congregation was conducive to allow for involvement by his congregation to take proactive action for social change and justice.

Events in August 1865, led up to what is more commonly called the Morant Bay Uprisings or the Morant Bay Rebellion. So that by 7 th. October, 1865 when action to defend the rights and integrity of free citizens was engaged by the citizenship of Alkebu-lanese descent in Jamaica warrants were issued for the arrest of Deacon Paul Bogle.

The tactic and reasoning of the colonials then were the same as their representatives today. The aimed at eliminating the spiritual and intellectual direction leading the people with the aim of dispersing the galvanized energy and emotions ripe and ready to seize their rights and freedom from unjust and oppressive laws and taxes exerted upon the working/peasent class

One year later Paul was to lead in protest action that resulted in his execution by hanging on 24th. October ,1865 at age 45yrs.

Let us remember with honour the life and times of PAUL BOGLE