As a people we documented and archived our history from our perspectives as the first inhabitants of  planet Earth.

We gave the world writing, books, educational institutions, grading systems,teachers’ training colleges, medicine, surgery and many other sciences and arts.

We domesticated many animals and developed animal husbandry and farm crop science.

After some time their was a change in recording of history.

A “dominant” group that made survival decisions  drastically changed the direction of our planet’s development. In addition to survival; trade based on investment profit in many items including human beings that were relegated to items and commodity status  rose in prominence  among this sector of our planet. These persons also censored the reports and stories of peoples and deemed only their perspective as bonafide.

Sciences developed in many other cultures were incorporated into their records and projected as though they were the authors of such knowledge and science.

Peoples accustomed to sailing the seas gave of the navigational data base of the seas to others who now utilized this knowledge in a selfish fashion to enrich themselves.

Through these restrictive actions, grew a perspective that this group’s perspective of life and our planet is “authentic”.

Other groups were relegated to myth, folklore and unauthenticated claims whereas the perspective of the “dominant” group became “accepted”.

African History Month affords us an opportunity to re-examine some of this  world view and through examination of historical records kept by others, correct and re-align ourselves as a planet.

Here we will not only propagate the popular view. We shall present views that readers and visitors can disagree with and challenge by using our comment feature.

Alkebu-lanese scholars and historians of high repute have suggested that Baarack  Obama may not have been the firat Alkebu-lanese person to hold presidential office in  current U.S.A.

Whatever the reality we present this  very short video here.

You can counteract the claims made on that video by posting other videos or citing other authoritative references to substantiate your claims.

Together we can correct the wrongs.