African History Month as an event and as a conscious intervention in our lives to restore our ancient historical role as the bringer of Light and Justice to all will not only give us a look at ourselves as Alkebu-lanese inhabitants and offspring scattered across the globe; but will also expose the roles of those who participated and acquiesced in the scattering and the role of some now dominant “world” political ideologies  that seem bent on keeping our planet in turmoil and consistent and incessant warfare.

Ever since the declaration by the United Nations  following the victory of Alkebu-lanese persons to have implemented this decision, there seems to have been  a tremendous increase in violence, formation of hate groups particularly against Alkebu-lanese persons. Some of this has resulted in hidden and open enslavement and sale of our people once again on this planet.

The attempts by Alkebu-lanese  people to highlight our own plight and empathize and show solidarity with other oppressed peoples of the world ,especially First Nations/Indigenous people deprived of their lands and political territories seemed to have generated intense efforts by a small group of persons who manipulate and engineer crises on this planet to destabilize the political comfort  and advance of progressive ideologies and governments that they may remain in”control” .

As a people whose earlier roles on this planet have us introducing culture, science, just and humane political management systems, we are obligated to raise our voices in protest and take moral and ethical stances on the current spate of violence by some persons in order to keep our planet at war.

War is not conducive to spiritual and natural development and harmony.

Alkebu-lan has the multiplicity of resources to allow us to once again re-occupy a significant role in planetary affairs.

Let’s pledge ourselves wherever we are to attain that goal soon.