Culture is not  for  adults  only.

For our  culture  to live,develop and  transform it must be  transmitted  to our  children.

At one time in our Caribbean  history there  were many  platforms  for  transmitting our  culture  to our  children. Many of these  platforms  were located in our  backyards and  villages  as  children  came out on  full moon  nights  to play  games and  to tell and have  stories  told  to them  about various  characters of what some  call “folk culture”

Today  those old mediums  of  transmission of  culture  is almost  non existent. Modern  electronic gadgets many of them with imperialistic agendas  programmed  by  their  manufacturers  have  replaced our mediums and  platforms of informal  cultural  transmission.

We are now  challenge  to  create means to utilise the current media  to transmit our culture or  re – empower our all ways,means and platforms  so that they  can  stand up to the lure of the modern gadgets.

There is  a need  for  books,videos, games that  highlight our  cultural values,practices, songs, cuisine,dances  and other  cultural skills to our  youth so as  to preserve and  develop our  culture.

May those that hear this call be  empowered  to develop platforms and  media of  gathering and  disseminating of our arts and  cultural traditions and practices.

We give thanks to all dance tutors, dance  schools,storytellers,plastic artists, visual artists voice artistes and others  who have and  continue to propagate our  culture.

Thanks   to Attilah Springer,Agba Pearl Eintou Springer, Agba Theodora Ulerie, Rubadiri Victor,  Glen De Souza, Keylemanjahro Moko Jumbies, Junior Bisnath Kaisokah Moko Jumbies, Black Birth Mark,Sista  Ava,Ella Andall, Lutalo Masimba -Br.Resistance, Hollis Peters -Br.Book , spoken word artistes, calypso tents theatre performing  companies  and all steelpan/steel orchestra yards. who continue to keep active platforms of  culture  transmission open to our  youth.