Agba Dambali – Elton Fitz Irvin Smith, of Leobass Avenue, Petit Valley,received traditional African Rites of Passage for send off to the afterlife. Members of his househod/family got together at their old family compound that the family occupied and owned since the early 1950’s to perform the rites of send off.

Members of the Yoruba Sacred Science/Ifa/Orisa Community along with other Pan Africanists of Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu-lan,African National Patriotic Movement,Marcus Garvey Institute,were all present to pay respects and tribute to Agba Dambali.

Rituals were conducted by Chief Alagba Erinfolami Adelekan Aworeni, Oloye Orawale Oranfe Ife,and Br. Ige Ogunsawo.

Neighbours,friends and acquaintances all had the opportunity to make their oral presentations on the life and impact of Agba Dambali.

It was very pleasing to hear the accolades showered on our Elder AgbaDambali.

From the re-counts and accounts of his life rendered by friends,acquaintances and family members, it was abundantly clear tha Agba Dambali made a tremendous impact on the lives of many.

His daughters recount that he was an artist with a very liberal and encouraging personality. To them it was sometimes challenging particularly in their younger ages and stages.

Several persons described Agba Dambali as a vociferous reader and prolific writer. Br Ige Ogunsawo described him as a scientist, and simple,yet sophisticated person.

Agba Dambali loved music particularly steel band and calypso music. One of his favorite pieces of music rendered on Pan was Backbay Shuffle,as played by Starland Steel Orchestra.According to Chief Alagba Erinfolami Aworeni, this piece was arrangedby Dr. Selwyn Griffith for Starland Steel Orchestra in 1956.Persons present played mouth pan to render this piece.

Aonther favorite of Agba Dambali, was the original Portrait of Trinidad calypso.Again all present rendered the calypso  following the lead of Agba Cazamba Kafentsa of Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

Among the family members present were Magella,Monica, Michael, daughter-in-law,and several grandchildren.

All together the send off was pleasing to all present.

There is a Church ceremony at the Catholic Church,on Crystal Stream Avenue, Diego Martin on Monday 19th. April,2010.

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