As we celebrate and commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation,Elder, Chief and Orisa Priest of long standing -Jeffrey Biddeaeu is currently in hospital under Intensive  care.

Chief Aniseere Sango  of Ife, – Jeffrey Biddeau was recently invited to be part of the annual ASE ODUN SANGO 2010 of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE where he had been invited and participated on previous occasion.

When he did not show up,there was enquiry and we were informed by Chief Alagba Erinfolami that he was to join with Chief Aniseere Sango for Emancipation activities in Sangre Grande.

Earlier conversations with Babalawo Ifaseun – Avery Amun, indicated that Chief Aniseere Sango was not to well but all was proceeding for the celebration of his Annual Saraka.

Reports reaching us today indicate tha Chief Aniseere Sango is at West Shores Medical facility and that their is restricted visiting.

We pray that the orisa community would rally to his support and that of his family.

Chief Aniseere Sango is a very diversified cultural contributor and is known for his excellence of drum.

Just recently Chief Aniseere Sango acted as host to Awise ni Agbaye Ogunwande Abimbola when E.I.S.O.M Orisa hosted it’s First International Ifa/ Orisa Practioners Worldview Conference.

We pray that the healing power of orisa will sustain his health and well being.

Orisa devotees can petition orisa for his well being.


  1. Alaafia,peace and blessings to all ,by the powers of Olodumare i extend my blessings , healing thoughts and vibrations to Chief ANISEERE SANGO,asking for a healing to take place ,aseooooooooooooooooo.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E KABO! Adupe ! Thanks Babalawo Ifasola for your directing of positive healing energies to Chief Aniseere Sango. May the Universe/ Multiverse receive our petitions. May our requests be granted a just response. Aase!

  2. “Sango when you are in a fighting mood, spare the home of the Bata Drummer”, words taken from an Oriki Sango.
    We pray the Aniseere Sango’s home be spared of all dis-ease and sorrow.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Alaafia! Thanks for your positive sentiments to the person and family of Chief Aniseere Sango! May your positive prayers for his recovery be accepted in the heavens and on Earth. Egbe Onisin Eledumare ,through you also expresses it’s goodwill and positive sentiments to the person and family of Chief Aniseere Sango .Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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