Mara Thompson wife of Honourable David Thompson

Mara Thompson

As citizens of the Caribbean, events as they unfold in our arena impact upon us all. Such is the current victory in the Barbados bye – election for the constituency of St. John where Mara Thompson , bereaved wife of the recently departed Honourable David Thompson former Prime Minister  won the seat of her  departed husband.

We at yorubasacredsciencecentre say congratulations to Mara and we think that the result is not only a demonstration of solidarity with the departed David Thompson ,but a peoples’ declaration in the faith in Mara to fulfill her political obligations, with dignity, decorum and impartiality.

Mara your victory places a significant responsibility upon your shoulders. We in the Caribbean have often mouthed  ” WE ARE ONE ” .  Your victory affords us the opportunity to ” walk the walk.”

May your footsteps be guided. May your words and actions be effective in bringing about healing and positive change in your Nation.



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