Egbe Onisin Eledumare continues advancing it’s re-construction of it’s International Headquarters located at Simeon Road, Petit Valley, Republic Trinidad and Tobago.

Currently building work is taking place under the supervision of Agba E. Guisseppi as the roof to the kpaale is being fabricated by Agba ‘Itchie’

Concurrently the building of an office space for Orisa Devotees Credit Union is taking place as well as the building of our Library facilities.

These are of course small and humble beginnings;but they are beginnings.

We are confident that  these small efforts will grow.

The re – building process started quite some time now and was met with several challenges.After several Ancient Kemetic  rites for building had been completed and the then Balogun of Egbe Onisin Eledumare – Agba Babatunjii Bandele empowered to take the project forward;work began and we were on our way forward. Then came shortage of materials problems and rise in the cost of materials. Much of this work was being accomplished by voluntary contributions both from awon elegbe EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE and friends and supporters of the organization.Many persons could be singled out by name for praises each contributing in their own way and in accordance with their own means.Among some of the contributors at this stage were Agba Sangolari Adelekan, Oloye Ogunrinola of Ife. Ojise Obatala of Edena – Chief Oriyomi,Oluwasoga Arisekunola.Babatola Onafowokan,Christopher Starr, Kwaku Senah,Agba Adeola Onafowokan,Ifafunminire Onafowokan,Amosun Olaosebikan,Esubiyi Olutoyin,Eniola Adelekan – Awo Ifagbamila Aworeni;Olori Adetola Massetungi,Ifamukomi Onafowokan,Sangode Orisagbemi,the steel benders who were sponsored by Amosun Olaosebikan,Agba Guisseppi,and Oloye Orawale Oranfe.

The project then underwent some stagnation and again several persons made their contributions including Ifamoloko Adekoya,H.R.H. Oba Adekoya. Omidotun Adekoya,Agba Kwasi Odinga,Selwyn Eager Myers,Brian Smart,Isidore Smart.Allison Cropper,Agba Ogundiran Ogunkeye,and many more who continue to pour libations and conduct se orisa,iwure ati adura for and on behalf of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE.

At this point EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE take this opportunity to thank the National Commission for Self Help Limited and it’s officers who facilitated our requests among them Ms. Alexander,Mr.Gary Romain, and Mr. Stephen Sam.

There  were also several persons who did not even know they were contributing to this project but who did so.Among such persons were the persons who provided transport of materials or loaned tools and our equipment that assisted in the process. Included in this list of people are Kamau Chow Tai,Patric Kment,Briggette Schuch, Barry Harper, Sabrina Tittley,Oluwo Ogunmuyiwa,Hayden Matthew,CANTO,Kala Akii Bua,Atim Akii Bua, Sangodeye,Adae,Dowlin Richarson,Wendell Richardson,Ian Marson,  Aysha Muhamaad and many more.

As the work advances we call upon gbogbo awon elegbe Egbe Onisin Eledumare to keep their contributions and positive energy flowing.

Once again to all who have supported OUR SINCERE AND DEEPLY APPRECIATED THANKS

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