The Council of Afrikan Traditional Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago, which meets once every thirty days here in Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago met yesterday to deal with the affairs of the Council and to advance the relationships atmosphere in the National Orisa community. Reports on the World Sango Festival hosted in Oyo, Nigeria were entertained, and the Council is expected to respond to items reported at their meeting.

It is expected that the Council will make links with the World Sango Festival organizers as some elements of our National Orisa community consolidate themselves in order to pursue National recognition via a Public Holiday here in  Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

The Administrators of this site continue to encourage The Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs to expedite their efforts at internal consolidation and to engage the remainder of the National Orisa community so as to assist in the process of having our community better organized to more effectively engage civil society as we renegotiate our narratives and roles  in our National sphere and arena.

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