Egbe Onisin Eledumare is one of the oldest  existing formally  constituted Orisa  organization in Ile  Ananani/Ile Iere.

The organization which had it’s  beginnings in the  early  1970’s has pioneered many  revolutionary concepts  and practices  to the Trinidad & Tobago Orisa  and African  sacred science landscape.

For over  40 years the organization has  embraced Yoruba  theological and cosmological concepts  and  have  realigned it’s calendar  and celebration of  some  of ot’s hosted events to be in alignment with practice on the continent of Alkebu-lan.

When there was no formal or structural  precedence/presence of Ifa  practice the organization pioneered its  existence into the Trinidad & Tobago Yoruba sacred science  landscape.

Magazine published by International Council for Ifa Religion highlighting the pioneering works of Egbe Onisin Eledumare in Republic Trinidad & Tobago

The pioneering  works of the organization eventually led to the  visit  by the organization to Ile Ife, Osun State  Nigeria  where the Oludari Agbaye of the organization  and  his wife were formally  recognized  for the work the organization  had  championed  in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

The  journeys  to Alkebu-lan (Continent of Africa) started  of  with the nomenclature “Sacred Journey  to Ile Ife” and was eventually  changed  to ” Sacred Journey to Alkebu-lan”

This year is the  41st. anniversary of the leadership of the organization  by the  spiritual authority and  guidance  by Oloye Ogundare of Ife Olakela Massetungi.

As we convene our AGM  there  shall be reconsideration of our mission and  reflections of  our challenges  and accomplishments.

There shall be the regular tabling of Akowe’s  Report.Oludari Agbaiye’s Report,Akapo’s Report,Awon Egbe Omo Orisa E.O.E Reports, Balogun’s Report,Youth Arm Report,Egbe  awon Obinrin E.OE. Reports Project Green Report ati Baale ebi Report’s.

As per usual there  shall be  discussions  and ratification of matters and issues that  arise  during the course of the  day’s  deliberations.

There will be  reconfirmation of the  existing officers who are still serving  in their  four year terms of Office  and replacement of   a vacant  office holding.

Ipade  begins  at 9.15 a.m.

All our members are  expected to be on time.

The Administration thanks all in advance  for their continued commitment and for the hard work  engaged by all to get us  to our current position.

May we all move forward in  unison to our  achievements  this year.