The  Honourable Ambassador of  Cuba along with staff of Embajada de Cuba en Trinidad y Tobago will host celebrations to mark the 158th anniversary of the birth of Cuba’s National Hero  – Jose Marti at the Simon Bolivar Auditorium,Venezuelan Center, 16 Victoria Avenue , Port – of – Spain beginning at 5.30 p.m on MONDAY 31ST. JANUARY, 2011

Jose Julian Marti , was a writer, poet, revolutionary, social activist and fighter for human rights and justice  who was born in Havana , Cuba 28th. January, 1853 to Mariano Marti Navarro and Leonor Perez Cabrera both of whom were of Spanish origin.

Jose’s family structure comprised of seven sisters.

Jose spent a short part of his life in Spain as a youth , but returned to Cuba where from young his genius and passion for justice began to reveal itself. He traveled extensively in Spain, Latin America and the United States of America , and these travels impacted upon his writing both as poet and revolutionary writer.

His  devotion to Cuba’s freedom is unquestionable. His ability to organise the overseas Cuban community in Florida proved beneficial to the Cuban War of Independence waged against Spain.

Jose died in revolutionary combative action on May 19, 1895, after an attempt by a group of revolutionaries including military strategists Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo Grajales made a landing and onslaught on the island of Cuba. An early skirmish resuled in mortal injury of Jose.

Jose’s heroism and clinical ideological approached spurred on other aspirants for the Independence and liberation of Cuba and for this he is eternally remembered.

All persons with an interest in a wider Latin American democracy are invited to pay respects to the life of this courageous and visionary Cuban.

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