News have arrived that Agba Delores Onisaru Alexander, more commonly known as ” Moms ” has departed her physical body and is about to make her transition to Orun.


Agba Onisaru was a live wire in the Diego Martin Petit Valley community where her generosity of spirit  manifested as Kilimanjaro Kindergarten School a facility that operated as a nursery and day care center catering primarily to single Mothers and the financially challenged parents of the community.


Agba Onisaru prided herself in the name of her service and was proud with her symbolic choice of the name representing to her the highest potential that the child/ student could aspire to.That her students and children identified with the name was an even greater joy to her as many of them when asked the meaning of the name of their school would respond that it represented the highest mountain in Africa.


Agba Onisaru was part of Universal African  Improvement  Association led by Baba Imo – John Michael Broomes who founded the Kilimanjaro Enterprise and Sno cone business in East Dry River Port of Spain.


Agba Onisaru told many a story of Baba Imo and his attempts at right the wrongs of miseducation of the African  through the avenues available to him including the formation of Carver Educational Institute a private educational facility that served the less financially strong African population.


Agba Onisaru has two sons Gerard and Keith. Keith had relocated to Trinidad in 2006 to be physically close to Agba Onisaru in her later years.


Keith recalls that she always promised to transit her body peacefully.


Agba Onisaru has touched the lives of many in our Nation and shaped the spirit of enquiry and embrace of Africa to many as well.


We pray that her sojourn to the Great Beyond will be smooth.


Hillside along Diego Martin

Hillside along Diego Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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