As per usual, EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE will hold its regular Ijuba at it’s International Headquarters, Caribbean, 12 First Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road, Petit Valley, Ile – Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean.

Ijuba serves to bring our membership together at least once every thirty days, to collectively give thanks for blessings received and to collectively petition the COSMOS for balance and equilbrium in our personal and planetary lives for the next lunar cycle. and will bat 2.00 p.megin

This months Ijuba will be held on Sunday 8th. September, 2013 and will begin at 2.00 p.m,

All are invited.

Perrsons wishing to attend will have to follow protocols of entry unto the compound.

Free will offerings are welcome and may include : wines, gin, obi abata, obi gbanga, orogbo, native chalk, iyerosun, honey, fruits, honey,palm oil, olive oil, and money.

As we move towards Budget day, may our prayers and sacrifices bre accepted

The Chaconia (Warszewiczia coccinea) is the na...

The Chaconia (Warszewiczia coccinea) is the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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