Agba Boniface Senah at Egbe Onisin Eledumare’s International Headquarters- Ile Iere,Caribbean

Egbe Onisin Eledumare has recently completed its  First Ase Odun Oranfe event  held at multiple  locations.

The event  was  a success for the organization  and as we engage  preparations to  celebrate yet another new moon  we shall be  giving thanks for the success of the  celebrations and for Ase Odun Sango which we have  celebrated  for several years now.

This months  new moon   celebrations.Ijuba/Ijosin  will be  held on:

Sunday  25th. June. 2017

Location: 12 First Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road, Petit Valley

Time: 2-00 p.m.

Persons  attending are invited to  bring ritual items  for offering as we  make iwure/adura.

The following items  can  be  brought  for offering:

obi abata, obi  gbanja, orogbo,red camwood powder, red palm oil, palm wine, gin, atare,

Protocols of  entry are required.