Another  thirty day cycle is about to conclude itself.

Members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare, have been busy planning for Ase Odun Sango 2016 which this year will run  from Aug.1,2016 – Aug. 7, 2016.

They have also become more involved  in Project Green , an agriculturalinitiative taken up by the organization.

The days have been hectic and challenging being  a first time venture into large scale farming for the organization whose members are mostly urban based.

Trees at Summer Solstice 2016

Trees at Summer Solstice

The past  thirty day period also included  Summer Solstice; a day  when  the daylight period is longest for those situated and located in the Northern hemisphere and that includes Ile Iere atiIle Aloubera -RepublicTrinidad& Tobago. The celebrations this year at the International Headquarters was small but powerful. The active participants engaged ancient  chants from different locations with appropriate  gestures and  joined  at the InternationalHeadquarters at Simeon Road,Petit Valley,IleIere, Caribbean to  complete the grand invocation  andshower of blessings. There  was sun,rain, and thunder.

Oloye Orawale Oranfe commands the Fire

Solar energy is part of the Sango complex. Fire is often associated with SANGO.

Now that the Solstice  has been adequately attended to,we get ready to celebrate the coming of the 9th moon by inclusive counting since the observance and celebration of Iwude Ogun ati Odun Ijesu.

On Sunday 3rd.July, 2016 we convene at our International Headquarters to  give thanks for the good received and for the  good being anticipated for the next  thirty days ahead.

All interested parties are invited to join us as we  sing, clap,dance, play drums  remember and recall our Ancestors, eat food,drink and just celebrate  our lives.

Do note that entry protocols are observed  as one enters the  compound.

Those wishing to participate  should dress respectfully for  gatherings of this nature.

Items  such as gin,ogogoro, emu,red palm oil,bitter cola ,obi abata, agbado,wine,atare,plantains, fruits are welcomed.

Celebrations  begin at 2.00 p.m.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Kenny Cyrus Alkebu-lan Ijuba led by The Iyalode Awo Agbaye Ifakorede Oyayemi Aworeni  for their successful Thanks  giving held recently on Sunday 26th.June, 2016  Fort George.

Join Us!