Current President of International Council for Ifa Religion Babalawo Solagbade Popoola

Current President of International Council for Ifa Religion Babalawo Solagbade Popoola

Orisa devotees worldwide are mobilising and reorganizing as we make efforts to scientifically promote our sacred science traditions.

Several International and Regional organizations have engaged efforts at different levels to elevate the presentation of our sacred science traditions.

From organizations such as  Caribbean Cultural Center/ African Diaspora founded by Professor Marta Morena Vega in 1976, Eleda. org led by  Oba Oriate Miguel Willie Ramos – Ilari Oba, Egbe Orisa Ile Wa of Republic Trinidad & Tobago in 1981, World Wide Isese Agbaye Community led by Oba Isese Erinsiba I Dr. Olusino Adekoya, Egbe Onisin Eledumare ,founded in 1971 and International Council for Ifa Religion, attempts have been made and are still being made to positively and scientifically portray our sacred science tradition.

Gregorian calendar year 2015 will see efforts by International Council for Ifa Religion continuing in this trend of scientifically and methodolically consolidating our practice. Below is a call to participate in an upcoming event being conducted by President of ICIR

Aboru Aboye all Awos and Olorisas,

Below is a list of the main topics I will be focusing on during the retreat in Phoenix, Arizona with tentative dates now being April 10th and 11th (friday and saturday), 2015. My team of Awos in the USA and myself will be finalizing the topics, dates, and details for the retreat in the upcoming weeks. This is so that everyone can atleast get an idea of what they will be learning by participating in this retreat.

Registration fee will be 150usd per person which covers: continental breakfast both mornings, transport from motel to retreat site and back both days, dinner for second night of retreat which will be served at retreat site, and retreat packets. We are currently looking into close and affordable motels for people to stay in while here in phoenix, but so that everyone at least has a price range, it is from 69 to 79usd plus tax per night, one or double bed. There will be option of splitting a room with double bed for those who wish to do so. Price for motel will be seperate fee. Once we have secured the prices and a motel, well send out details.

Below is list of topics for the retreat:

1. The administrative positions of each temple and what is the responsibility of each position
ergo: Oluwo, Araba, Akoda, Aseda, Ojugbona, etc (Male positions)
ergo: Iyalode, Iyanifa, Aminwagun, Amereya, Iyameto, etc (Female positions)
2. Structure of running an Ifa or Orisa temple/administrative meetings/making decisions/ Difference between a temple and a shrine
3. Basic structure of holding services and imparting the teachings of morals, ethics, philosophy, etc of our tradition to those in your temple. How to prepare for sermons, talks, counseling, reach people emotionally, etc. Brief overview of 30 areas that each Awo or Olorisa giving sermons must be trained and educated in (there will be follow up retreats specifically focusing on these 30 areas), forming a choir, drumming, dancing, and other activities that will occur during temple services.
4. Who should be speaking and imparting teachings during temples services?
5. Sharing of experiences by those that have already started temples in the USA. 
6. Building a team of priests who share a common goal and structure
7. How to deal with conflict within temples/Conflict resolution according to Ifa.
8. Dealing with conflict within the leadership/dealing with conflict with members/dealing with conflict outside of the temple
9. Developing a council of elders in the USA and what would their roles and responsibilities be.
10. Developing local, regional, and national leaders and how this structure would function.
11. How does this all relate to the (ICIR) International Counsil of Ifa Religion’s mission?
12. What Ifa says about each of the following topics and how to begin implementing these teachings to better our temples and communities.
A. Esoteric knowledge
B. Rituals
C. Medicine (Mental Health)
D. Philosophy
E. History
F. Laws
G. Goverance
H. Economics
13. How do we as Ifa and Orisa priests restructure our communities to be more sustainable and collective focusing on what Ifa says about Economics, laws, and governance in particular?
14. What is the philosophy of Alasuwada? How is it relevant today? 
15. Discussion on how to implement Alasuwada in our daily lives
16. Discussion of commitments by temple, city, or region. Sharing of commitments to the whole group.
17. Roles and responsibilities of each of the major Irunmole/Orisa and how to harness their energy to better our temples, families, communities, etc
18. Importance of being conscious of environments each of these Irunmole/Orisa control and represent, and being respectful of how we interact with them.

This retreat is for all Ifa and Orisa devotees but particularly those who are interested in becoming leaders within their respective communities and for those already leaders in their communities. Please contact my secretary Agboola at or (562) 972-4643 for more information. As we finalize the retreat details within two weeks time, we will send the final version out to people’s emails and also post it on facebook and twitter. May Olodumare and the 801 Irunmole and ancestors bless us all in making this world a better place.

President of the ICIR (International Council of Ifa Religion)
Solagbade Popoola


  1. Bernadette Guiseppi Ifatola

    Seeing this four years later and still think it is relevant.

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