Another year has rolled by. For Efunsalewa Ogunkeye, it had it’s fair share. of ups and downs; bright moments and dull ones to, times of joy, and times of sorrow. Sometimes Efunsalewa had people and friends around her, other times she did not. What ever the situation and circumstance Efunsalewa remained true  to her conviction that Eledumare  reigns supreme in her life and that through Ifa/ Orunmila she will be guided.

This Tuesday 15th. October,2013, Efunsalewa shall commemorate and celebrate her visit to the continent of Africa where she became closer to our sacred science tradition and practice and where she became omo Ifa.

Awon elegbe EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE are invited to join with Efunsalewa this Tuesday at her Sangre Grande residence at 11.00 a.m. where the appropriate rites shall be conducted on her behalf.

Those who are so privileged may join her in person as she celebrates. Those who cannot can join her in spirit and direct there positive energies so that she may meet with success.


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