Word reaching our editors indicate that members of the Simeon Road community are attempting to revitalise the Village Council once again.The residents, we have learnt,  comprise of young persons of the community.Their intentions is to set in place a mechanism that would allow for the redress of complaints and challenges affecting the community.It is hoped that the Council will not be pro – political party and concentrate on the concern of the residents.

The meeting is expected to be held on Sunday 16th.May,2010,at the Basket Ball Court,Sparrow Drive,Simeon Road,Petit Valley.

The meeting begins at 6p.m.

We trust that those who have taken the initiative will be polite enough to involve all stakeholders in the community; and formally make links with their predecessors in this field. We suggest that some of the older residents and more active community activists could be invited as counsellors to the current team.

Currently some of these activists are still very much proactive in activities that positively impact upon the well being of the community.Some of these elder activists assist in football and other sporting programs.

The Administrators of this site and the general membership and Administration of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE wish all parties involved success as the community embarks on a path of self empowerment for members of a community.

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