Artist, Activist and Father – Makemba Kunle

As we open this article, we take the opportunity to salute a few persons and organizations that we consider impacted significantly on African History Month here in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Among the organizations we wish to acknowledge  are Club L’Ouverture, African Association of Trinidad & Tobago, EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE,

We salute persons such as Vernon Guichard, Maureen Thompson, Iyalorisa Sangowumi – Janice Patricia McLeod, Asha Kambon.

African History Month is a significant celebratory and reflective month here in Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Studio 66 Art Support Community of Trinidad & Tobago has been a meeting point and home for accomplished artist and budding and aspiring artists.

Makemba Kunle has been a critical part of this intervention in our social arena for carving out a space for visual and other artists in our country.

Makemba , who in many ways represents the ability of our people to overcome challenges and difficulties along life’s path and achieve excellence without ” selling out” nor stooping to financial baiting and enticement, hopes through the works comprising this solo Art exhibition  to raise the hopes of a people, some  of whose spirits are becoming daunted in this 50th Anniversary of flag Independence.

Makemba according to the public record first exhibited his work in 1973 at the Art Society’s Annual Exhibition.

This would locate him in the period of dynamic revolutionary change in the consciousness of African Trinbagonians.

His concerns as a cosmic citizen, and a human seeking the path of highest manifestation of his life may be seen in his works.

The exhibition is to be launched on November 18,2012.

This same month will see Elder and Grand Master Artist/ Chief  Ifaojewonyomi Abiodun,-  Leroy Clarke will also age under year in the Cosmic Calendar.

The Administrators of this site pray for the success of this exhibition.


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