The Administrators of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE wish to thank all those who joined with us at our 10th moon Ijuba at our Internationla Headquarters yesterday, especially those who were attending for the first time.

The evening’s event was opened after the preliminary rituals and permissiomn was granted through dida obi permutati0n Ejire/ Iwori.

This was followed by prelude drum and chant, which led into the formal opening.

At the formal opening special and peculiar rituals to OLOKUN were conducte to invite OLOKUN and to launch ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2013.

During the course of Ijuba participants were addresses by omo Orisa Olokun – Rubadiri Victor who outlined the challenges involved in pulling this year’s ASE ODUN OLOKUN together. Several persons were ask to make iwure , se orisa and adura.

National issues were also dealt with and among International Orisa issues focused on was the recently conclude 1st. World Sango Festival held in Oyo, Nigeria at which Republic Trinidad & Tobago were represented at by Keith Diaz of Pan Trinbago and Avery Amon of the Energy sector.Both representatives are however devotees in the Orisa tradition in Ile Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago and ably reresented the Orisa community at the Festival.

It was the hope and prayer of devotees gathered that the National Orisa community will however be formally and adequately represented as part of this country’s formal delegation to next year’s event.

Once again thanks to all who made the Ijuba a grand success

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