In recent articles published on this site the call was made to be focused in the midst of adversity and called upon our local and international communities to keep HAITI on focus.Our editorial team has learned that workers from National Gas Company – NGC have done wellin raising aprox. $9,000.00 and acquiring generators which were sent via one of the established aid agencies to the government and people of Haiti.Congratulations to these workers and to the company for the support granted in making this contribution possible.May the items of donation contribute to the alleviation of discomfort that the people of Haiti still face on the road to reconstruction and rehabilitation.May their efforts inspire other workers in Republic Trinidad & Tobago to make similar contributions. May the Trade Union Movement in Republic Trinidad & Tobago find it befitting to organize workers from this country to form a workers brigade and offer themselves as part of the reconstruction effort.We suggest that either funds from International agencies or governments can be matched with those of Trade Unions to compensate these workers. While the editors of this site appreciate voluntary contributions in the face of crisis,we also recognise that volunteer workers wiyh Internationally recognized Volunteer organizations have protocols of compensation for their workers.We advocate the same for all workers. Any worker who does not wish compensation for work done could donate there compensation to the reconstruction effort,or to families or persons of their choice.

Once again thanks to the working population of Republic Trinidad & Tobago for their conscious effort at re-building Haiti.

Who say all the love gone?

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