Panoramic view of participants at Vernal Equinox 2019. Photo by Eniola Adelekan All rights  reserved


It was a most fantastic gathering at Ile Ife Trinidad ati Tobago now called Emancipation Park  located off Olivine Street, Bonair West along the Lopinot Road.

Representatives of the Dangbe Comme/Rada community of Belmont/Trinidad; the Warao community;the Karina nation, Spiritual Baptist/Shouter community, from the Americas and the continent of Alkebu-lan gathered to perform a most significant ritual that involved the recognition of the Vernal Equinox and included iwure/adura for Peace in the Caribbean basin and the Americas.

Every year Egbe Onisin Eledumare convenes rituals for recognition of the Vernal Equinox a moment in solar and celestial conjuncts. These conjunctions have been and are still being engaged by Africans all over the world. From the times of Nile Valley civilization and before our people have paid diligent attention to celestial movements that include sidereal cycles, lunar movements and phases and solar impacts upon our planet.

Warao Shaman Raould Simon ati Karina Payi Atakosang Cristo Adonis meet and greet as the ritual is about to begin

This period of the year is recognized by many if not all Old world peoples.

As part of the solar system the Earth’s rotation around the Sun is of planetary consequence  and importance to us as human beings. These cycles impact upon food production, hence impacting upon our abilities to sufficiently feed ourselves and promote our health and well being. These cycles impact upon climate and weather conditions which we should have accurate knowledge of if we are to navigate our lives successfully on this planet.

For thousands of years sages and Elders of many peoples have guided their peoples and nations through knowledge of these celestial cycles and their impact upon Earth life.

African leaders with First Nations  representatives

Continents unite via people

Currently our planet is preparing for changes that will reconstitute the current social and political imbalances arrived at through institutional injustice perpetrated by current inheritors of the Atlantic “slave trade”.

The greed of some “civilizations” seeking property and trade routes  displaced millions of peoples and interrupted many societies.

Nations in both the “Old World” and “New World” were negatively impacted upon by the greed of a few who dispossessed Nations and peoples of their traditional land ownership and imposed new paradigms of land ownership that legitimized their thefts. These land grabbers murdered millions of people in their quest for land and power. These people are the perpetrators of capitalist modes of production and no democracy. These greedy “entrepreneurs” established ruling oligarchies. They were opposed to democracy which they branded as ” ruler-ship by the mob”. They took control of the media houses which became their propaganda machinery and began blinding the eyes of the masses of the working class through their editorials and thwarted “news”

Now celestial and cosmic alignments is ripe/right for the new changes that must come. As a consequence our celebration of the Vernal Equinox which symbolizes balance and equality permitted us to demand Cosmic Justice for us all in this region and beyond.

The High Priest of Ile Ife of Ogun representing Alkebu-lan – the African continent, joined with representatives of the Americas  as we engaged the planetary forces/essences demanding a better spiritual, cultural, economic, political and social situations, conditions and circumstances for those of us who suffered under the brutality of “western imperialism” and capitalist economies.

We demand that in this U.N. declared International Decade for People of African Descent 2015 – 2024 that we be appropriately compensated. That resources be made available to bonafide representatives of the descendants of those who suffered during the height of the ” slave trade” and the genocide of our many peoples including those from the Americas the so called “New World”

As we conclude this article we ask you wheresoever you are to make a stand for JUSTICE. Demand that U.S.A. keep their hands of the sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. That Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora particularly Haiti be absolved of all debts that they have incurred to such agencies as the IMF and others. We demand that places of remembrance for our Ancestors who were inhumanely treated during the “slave trade” be erected to commemorate and celebrate their lives and accomplishments.

We thank all those who made the commitment and sacrifice so that our ritual was/is accepted.

We call on all who have arrived here to ensure that JUSTICE manifests.

Photo Credits: EniolaAdelekan