Once again another year has come by. Our  two island geopolity is in the midst of it’s golden jubilee celebrations. As we prepare at Egbe Onisin Eledumare , to give thanks to Olokun, we first of all pause , stop and greet Esu.

We give thanks for spared life.None of our members died as a consequence of drowning nor maritime mishap or accident.Those who participated in last years festival are here and are about to give thanks once again

Members of the International Council for Ifa Religion have been notified of our intentions of hosting this years annual Festival. We have already announced into the COSMOS  and the ears of a few select humans.

We are now announcing to all and sundry that ASE  ODUN  OLOKUN 2012,will be held at Blanchisseuse, on Saturday 27th. October,2012.

A site visit and pre – rituals and actions will be engaged this week.

By now many of us are aware that Olokun, especially in the African Diaspora is recognised as a Monarch of Maritime environments.

EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE , over the past several years have utilised the celebration of this festival to bring to fore maritime issues and concerns.

We continue to stress the need to preserve our maritime environment and to ensure protection of endangered maritime species. Just earlier this year several thousand eggs of turtles were destroyed on a coastline of our Republic.

Our wetland environment is constantly being invaded aand encroached upon for some building and or economic scheme or the other.

There is need for enforcement of environmental laws to ensure the safety of our wetland habitat.

As we are about to celebrate we call upon all of our citizens to give greater concern for the protection of our maritime environment. Daily,fishermen are challenged as a consequence of oil explorations and other economic activities taking place both in our marine and land environments.

We invite all to mentally and spiritually prepare and come join us as we celebrate ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2012.

More detailed information will follow on this site.International Council for Ifa Religion, Blanchisseuse, maritime environment, fishermen,

One response to “ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2012 – ILE IERE

  1. Can someone forward me some information about receiving Olokun and Alanagun?


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