CARNIVAL 2014 IN ILE IERE ati ILE ALOUBERA – Republic Trinidad & Tobago

Agba Narrie Apro - Traditional Black Indian Masquerader surrounder by members of Warriors of HurracanCarnival 2014 is in progress.

Like most other living entities and institutions Trinbago Carnival is constantly transforming and adapting to the multiple impacts of it’s environment that it may stay alive.

Our society is currently at a state of volatile potency where balance and harmony is being sought. Many want PEACE but not ALL WANT JUSTICE.

In a land in which the First Nations Peoples that were met here have been marginalised and neglected many events including Carnival are still “planned” without the direct invitation to participate being extended to our First Nations People and custodians of the soul and spirit of our land.

Many claim the Carnival to be spiritual, and advocate respect for the celebration, while violating many of the spiritual protocols that would make our Festival progressively successful.

Our Festival continues to be impacted upon by political and economic considerations and decisions that are not always wholistic nor balanced in their considerations and implementations.

Orisa centered mas which entered the arena with some degree of controversy in 2001 now seems to be silently slipping out of the arena while the faces and interpretations of some of the familiar masquerade are changing hands.

The musical genres are mutating and some who can’t recognise this are feeling threatened with the mutations as they burst forth into the arena.

Disjointed ” management ” of the entirety of the Carnival is robbing the Festival in manifesting in it’s true beauty and power.

As our entire Nation engages the spirits that enter our space, ( most of them with our permission ), at this time the Administrators and Editor in Chief of this blog/ website  give respect to the past pioneers of this Festival that Africa is now calling out to. Other Nations see mostly the economic opportunities of such a Festival and so they are stretching out their hands to involve themselves with a view to maximising the financial gains that may be procured via this Festival.

May all who participate do so in safety.

May the spirits that need to be appeased be appeased.

Let the revellers revel and let the sacred practitioners fulfill their roles.

May no death be the direct consequence of partixcipation in this year’s Festival.

May no one old our young die!

May no gun battles take place in our streets!

May ALL act with love!

May those granted the opportunity to “manage” the movement of people do so with respect and minimum force if any!

May our Ancestors that promote protection, peace and harmony for our various races and components of our society attend us all in our respective communities.!

May the neck of cultural dominance and the ghosts of Euro/ Asiatic/Arab PARADIGMS THAT HAVE MISDIRECTED PARTICULARLY THE AFRICAN POPULATION BE BROKEN!

May joy and beauty manifest in our streets.

May all the sectors and stakeholders resolve to come together to input in the preparation of the Festival for Carnival 2015.

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