Carnival 2010 like most human hosted events had it’s ups and downs.

Some were surprised at the choice of the judges in the National Steel bands Panorama,some felt that though Kurt Allen’s performance and lyrics were well they wanted to see another contestant selected or adjudged winner.

Others complained that the wait to cross some judging points was overbearing,and many other complaints,many of them justified and valid.Yet as a nation we can congratulate ourselves.

First and foremost as ‘Sprangalang’ has often observed Port – of – Spain’s Carnival Parade of the bands is not the sum total of Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival.

Several communities were able to stage their own Carnivval celebrations;and while much is still desired to make these celebrations better,there is a foundation.

So J’Ourvert is no longer what it used to be.It is now an athletic exercise and challenge even for young persons.Very few Steel Bands, it is no longer a 2a.m. Celebration, but 4a.m. No longer is there the sweetness of a nice relaxed chip which even the aged were able to endure and actually felt better as a result of their participation,no!,is big truck and you have to run behind it.

Noise levels are intolerant.Even the State becomes lawless and are themselves lawbreakers by aiding and abetting in the noise pollution.

Music trucks are permitted to pass by Hospitals -State and privately operated with noise levels above the approved limits.

Carnival vendors- small entrepeneurs are under pressure.Health campaigns and concerns  adversely impact upon their sales.

Concessions by larger,more competitively strong buisness concerns now take over the spaces of these small entrepeneurs.

No opportunity to create jobs and employment opportunities as before.

In the midst of this the CEPEP workers diligently performing their tasks.

The reported and released crime statistics read creditably.

So congrats!

Let the Carnival once again re-open opportunities for the culturally rich – the working class element of our society.

Let the culturally impoverised but wealthy entrepeneurs begin to do business with a social and moral conscince and consider the negative implications of squeezing out the ‘ small man ‘.

Next year this time may we experience adjustments aimed a tensuring Equality and Justice for all.

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