Marak na gboni


The chant of Traditional Black Indian Masquerade perfomers of Trinidad and Tobago.

Members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare join with Agba Darlington  Boysie Henry and Oluwo Ogunmuyiwa as we still struggle to return sanctity to T & T Carnival.

It is obvious that as we attend some of theTraditional Masqueraders performance centers throughout T & T that it is an uphill srtuggle to maintain the honour and dignity of the old masquerade tradition.

Hats off to all those Traditional Masquerade perfomers of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival who continue to battle with the forces of modernity to maintain the sacredness of our tradition.

Carnival as the entire nation of Trinidad & Tobago know, or should know is one of our largest Ancestral Celebrations where Ancestors from every creed and race are invoked and paraded throughout the streets of Trinidad and Tobago.

Come this year Carnival Monday and Tuesday, ‘ THE WARRIORS OF HURACAN ‘ continue in the battle for the restoration of the beauty of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

Support the efforts to re-create a Carnival of beauty, peace,gaiety,praise to gods and ancestors and to National Unity. Aase!

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