Black Indian Masqueraders - Patrick " Ogunmuyiwa " Anderson ati Darlington " Boysie " Henry

Black Indian Traditional Mas characters in Trinidad

We began through this site highlighting the contributions and impact of Orisa devotees of Trinidad & Tobago on the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

As we continue to highlight the contributions we wish to indicate that   KAMBULE a production of Orisa devotee Pearl Eintou Springer,IS NOW A PART OF THE PRE – CARNIVAL DAYS EVENTS AND LANDSCAPE that many persons now look forward to. It has not been an easy task to make this impact upon our Carnival landscape, but Agba Pearl Eintou Springer has engaged the battle with the confidence and determination that our women have often demonstrated in our social and political struggles. Agba Eintou has battled the “Establishment Forces” like many  other women warriors that include inter alia NANA YAA  ASANTEWAA – Queen Mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire; HARRIET TUBMAN; YEYE GBOGBO MELVINA RODNEY; IYALORISA SUTHERLAND; IYA IJO LOUISA CATHERINE TOUSSAINT; IYALORISA HILARY CATHGRANT GEORGE; and many others.

In the  Senior Traditional Individuals Show hosted by The National  Carnival Bands Association Trinidad & Tobago this year Orisa devotees have made their impact.

Taking ist. and 2nd. positions in  Black Indian Category were Oluwo Ogunmiyiwa – Anderson Patrick and Richard Du Verney  with the portrayals  Wadaga Raja and Dicktanna. 

In the Fancy Sailor section another Orisa devotee portraying Egungun – Celebrating our Ancestors  took 1st. position.

There were even presentataions in other categories that made refrence to Traditional African deities.

So we continue to impact upon our Mas Tradition in Trinidad &Tobago and we hope to ensure that the impact RESANCTITY’S the Carnival

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