Pluung pluung pluuungg! The note souunding sweet! Sweet pan music in the air. Every body know who arranging for which band, but do you know who the pan – tuner and instrument maker is?

This year pan -tuner Selwyn ‘Eager ‘ Meyers has been doing well in his pan tuning exercises.

‘ Eager ‘ this year has tuned for Valley Harps Steel Orchestra ,of Petit Valley, Merry Tones of Diego Martin, Laventille Sound Specialists of Laventille.

Congratulations! May pan enthusiasts recognize your contribution to the entire Carnival Event. Without properly tuned pans arrangers are challenged to produced the effects they are looking for. Pan tuners are specialists technicians that help keep the life and soul of the Carnival alive. I pray that citizens of this country recognise and appreciate  the contribution that all pan – tuners make towards the staging of the entire Carnival Festival.

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