Our masquerades  came  from different  nationalities/tribes/ethnic groups.

Utilising our  spiritual ingenuity we  merge, fused and melded our  several  traditions creating  a  spiritual gateway  that would allow  for  spiritual energies that would rejuvenate our  spirits  in  an alien  environment.

Our  boundaries  were now  in  entities  called bands, which all protected  their  territories very enthusiastically  both in  word and action.

On our  continental homeland the  masquerades had peculiar identities, speech communication patterns and  dance forms and  patterns.

Many of these  were rearranged to suit the  “new” environment.

The concepts of renewal and fertility  clung to our masquerade institutions that were  re-birthed.

Our of this  quest  for  saving our  cultures was birthed  a multi-million dollar pageantry/street parade/street festival/industry, that  to the current has not been effectively organized, and managed to serve the interests of the masses of citizens of this Nation.

The planter class though afraid of the latent  potency of this festival have “tolerated and promoted” it  as  it  generates  large fortunes  for them.They are the hoteliers, food, beverage  and services owners/providers in the majority.

Steelbands men/players ,traditional mas performers have been all made to feel like beggars in this gigantic multi million  dollar spin off of our original cultures.

As we draw  closer to concluding this  presentation we pray that those who have read this article  would find ways of assisting in the progressive re -organizing of our Carnival festival such that the primary in-putters of this festival can financially benefit  from the gross income of this massive festival