After being  brought  to  the  Americas  via  the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Africans  in the  Americas made  adaptation  to maintain our  psychological balance and  equilibrium utilising  both internal and  external therapies.

Among the methods  utilised  were fetes  in this  case meaning  ” religious feast ” in which  to  sub stage our  spiritual appreciation of  world  and Cosmic  phenomena. So that long  before the Roman Catholic Church and the  State  decided to  counteract our liberation  celebrations of” Cannes Boule/CAMBOULAY/KAMBULE” , liberated  and  enslaved  Africans were already  celebrating  fertility  periods  and  festivals within  the plantocracy created “societies”. Many  Africans  were  accustomed  to  celebrating  90 day  cycles  marked  by  what  we  now  know  as Zodiacal  signs  which  in  reality represent sidereal realities. As early as the Winter Solstice Africans  would  fuse their  celebrations of  sidereal occurrences utilising  the  permitted  celebratory  forms,parang, choral singing,etc. to  pay homage  and respect  to these  manifest  phenomena.

Both Emancipation Day  and  the  1st 90- day  cycle from Winter  Solstice  to Vernal Equinox held/hold  significance to many African  sacred science practices  and  as such these  periods were utilised  to celebrate  greater phenomena that met the  eyes and  awareness of the planter class.

Several guilds related  to masquerade preservation and propagation  were  already being  formed  and  maintaining the  legacy and practice  of the  masquerade traditions that  were kept alive and intact in the bosom of the African  community.So that by the time the  State  and Church  took action  to  place  rules and regulations  for  a  Carnival that the planter class hoped to  dominate  we  were ready.

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