Many Trinbagonians revere our Carnival.

Many of us  don’t.

Between  the  two extremes few  seem  to recognize the gem and golden  beauty  that is Trinbagonian  Carnival.

Whatever  the  source of  origin  of  Trinbagonian Carnival;  peoples of Africa, Europe,India,China, Syria,Portugal,Spain ,the Caribbean  islands and France; all included.  mingled together  and germinated  an  expression of  soul and  spirit to awaken  deep memories  of our planet’s origin  and  growth  and  evolution  through  Trinbagonian Carnival.

Africans  from their  continent  were accustomed  to the  celebration of life through several  kinetic media. They  utilised  local materials  fomtheir  environment and  mimiced celestial and natural phenomena through their  kinetic  forms  and  presentations. Fromm DARKNESS TO LIGHT; enslaved to plantation  owner,from police  to thief,these phenomena  were caricatured, masked  and  presented on  the platform of Trinbagonian Carnival.

Over  years,these presentations  have  transformed and  sometimes  evolved  in  the portrayal of our  realities “real”and  imagined as  we sought  to create  conditions  of psychic and  psychological relief,balance and  equilibrium.

To be  continued.