Oloye Orawale OranfeThe current Industrial climate in Ile – Iere , Republic Trinidad & Tobago is turbulent.

Why is this so ?

There may be many reasons.

I want to suggest that one of the reasons is the past.

Our Nation was built on INJUSTICE and Man’s INHUMANITY to Man .

Hundreds of years ago , a capitalist oriented population of administrators / ” rulers ” of the colonised lands in the  ” New World ” re- engineered the population of the colonised territorty . Having decimated the indigenous people population by various means including introduction of diseases and germ warfare , the ” PLANTER  CLASS ” introduced labour from Africa, India and China primarily. The introduction of these forced immigrants is what today constitutes the origin of our current population base and composition.  Some of this introduction of labour comprise the worst in the annals of human history as to Man’s INHUMANITY to Man. Part of the labour structure included  ” lackeys ”  or specially favoured  labourers  over the ” lumpen proletariat ” .

Among such workers was the POLICE. To a large extent they were considered ” dogs ” too keep ”  massa property ” – the enslaved Africans in check.

This racial memory has been soo much a part of many contemporary African peoples that though  Police officers – male and female , comprise the working class, many workers in other industries do not readily show comradeship with such  ” workers “.

T o compound this the POLICE even seem to enjoy containing ” uneasy ” workers wherever they gather to express their rights and to demand for better pay and working conditions.

Now , today , Police officers are now complaining about their current and pass working conditions. In some call – in  radio programs officers have highlighted the inhumane conditions in which they are forced to work.  These very reports highlight the inhumane conditions in which other workers  ” the incarcerated ” are made to be held in , even though constitutionally , “prisoners ” are innocent until proven guilty.

Workers in CEPEP , in the ” essential services ” , at all levels and industries are expressing their discontent with the current response to their present conditions.

Can this Nation address these issues.


There are many approaches. Some may employ economic measures . However I suggest a revolutionary approach to tackle this situation. The United Nation Resolution to declare this year Internal Year for People of African Descent has important bearing on this matter. The entire planet needs spiritual detoxification from the poison of  ” CHATTEL SLAVERY ” . Many young Africans need to be taken back to the  ” crime scene ” – AFRICA , , the places where their  foreparents were stolen and kidnapped to have some form of psychological ” release ” .This government  , here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago , governments in .U.K., U,S. A. , Brazil . , and many other centers where the capital and wealth of those countries were built on the blood , sweat and tears of African “free / slave ” labour  must invest in returning youths and persons of African Descent to begin the process of healing and  ” detoxification ” . It is only when we begin to clean our ” house ” will we be able to effectively remedy our current local and international crises  and effectively address the issue of better working conditions for all. We cannot expect to remodel the  ” old slave class ‘/planter ” model and foundation and expect change and comfort. As our brother end respected and elevated Ancestor  El Haj Malik Al Shabazz Omowale – Malcolm X would say if a duck egg produces a chicken that would be a REVOLUTION.

In concluding , I would like all visitors reading this article  to respond. Give us you take on this matter.





  1. Whatever changes are to be made must be made from the workers themselves as they are the ones most affected and crying out. The more we build awareness of our interconnection and oneness the more likely it would be for those at the helm who perceive themselves as ‘better’ to join in ensuring conditions improve.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Modupe Ifarounke for visiting our site.We thank you profusely for taking time to read this article and to give us your candid response and opinion.
      Workers must Unite. Workers must be educated as to the historical causes of slave and class oriented economies and the disparity in worker compensation for the various “grade” and classifications of worker contributions to our economies. May this article and your response add to the dialogue for positive change and transformation of the working sector of our society. May all outstanding debts owed to our Ancestors be paid. Oloye Orawale Oranfe Ife

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