Former Great Hobonou of Dangbe Comme Rada community that is located in Belmont

The Vodonou  of the Dangbe Comme  community  for the month of September  2017  have been successfully  completed.

The Administrators of this  site Egbe Onisin Eledumare wishes to extend our sincere thanks to the community and to members of the Antoine, Roberts and Baptiste family who have helped preserved the  traditions of the Dangbe Comme here in Republic Trinidad  & Tobago.

The story and history of this  African  community relocated in Republic Trinidad & Tobago is  indeed an inspiring one. The family  has been working assiduously over  a period of years to correct misconceptions  about the community and positively portray and highlight the community’ influence  in the development of Trinbagonian culture. The community has positively and significantly through it’s collective  self and through individual input from its member families. Among  areas of input and influence are in Carnival, steelband  and calypso.

Chief Henry Antoine and Agba Phil Antoine at Oko Etura Meji home of Project Green

Over the years Egbe Onisin Eledumare  and the Dangbe Comme community have developed a progressive and healthy inter-community relationship, working collaboratively to positively highlight the work and contributions of the Dangbe Comme  here in Republic Trinidad& Tobago.

Members of both communities have  visited  each other  in their places of traditional practice and have shared in the rites and their  respective compounds. We are sure that Jean Antoine aka Papa Nanee,Hobonu Sedley Antoine,Agba Gloria,Hobonou,Patrick Antoine, and many of the  ascended Elders are happy to see the current  development of the community as  the old Vodunkwe is  augmented and maintained.

Many of the younger ones have also contributed- Andre son of Agba Patrick Antoine  and his wife June,Iya Fenitola Eniola June McKenzie,Anthony Bullock and family Karlene Martin and family; and many more some of whom this author may not  know and be aware of as they made and still make their contributions. There are also others  whose names I don’t know.  To you  all thanks for  your selfless contributions. Special hats off though must also go to Agba Veronica Antoine who have stood  side by side  with Chief Henry Antoine as  he  bravely  wrestles with  the  responsibility of community responsibility and leadership; and to Agba/Uncle Vernon Antoine who at 92 yrs old maintains the discipline and endures the rigor of being lead drummer in these rituals.