The month of November opened with several observances of diverse spiritualities and religions in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.


Some Christians were observing All Saints Day and All Sous Day.


Some African Traditionalist were paying respect to their Ancestors.


The Rastafari community were celebration the Coronation of their God incarnate H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.


Hindus were celebrating Divali, before the grand night of lights.


On the secular side African conscious citizens were marking the opening of African History Month.


Master Artist –   Elder/ Chief  Abiodun -Leroy Clarke was celebrating his Plantinum Year with his exhibition Revelations & Rituals.


The bye election campaign was on the verge of it’s zenith before the people of St. Joseph would take to the polls to determine the outcome of the canvassing of the different candidates presented to them by the contesting  Parties and one Independent.


Overall one could conclude that it was an incident free election.Though there was the plethora of unsubstantiated accusations,made by Parties and individuals, on Parties and individuals, the electorate was able to maintain a fairly balanced head, and not let their emotions be their sole guide in making their electoral decision.


All in all the electorate and people of Republic Trinidad & Tobago conducted ourselves with the dignity and decorum that we should conduct ourselves with throughout the entire political exercise.


There were winners and there were losers. However the loss of a seat is not an indicator that a person or Party have lost.


Errol Fabian in my opinion did not lose.


Errol presented himself as a person of integrity who believes he can represent the electorate outside of a Party base,and as symbolic as it may seem some persons went the distance and supported him with their votes. These must never be counted as votes wasted. The strength of a democracy is demonstrated by how the majority treat with whomsoever and whatsoever they deem the minority.


The major contenders United National Congress and the Peoples National Movement have lots to learn from the results of this election. As Independent Labor Party interim Political Leader Jack Austin Warner indicated in his after results speech, the numbers that won the seat for the previous candidate former Chief Justice Herbert Volney declined   by as much as 4,000 votes for the winning candidate. It is hope that the ” winners “, would take note of these statistics.


On a congratulatory note for all, our citizens conducted themselves as we should, without descent to physical violence and interruption of the electoral process.


National security forces,particularly uniformed police were visible and from all media accounts they conducted and performed their duties without ugly incidents. To all of our security personnel and departments our congratulations.


The Electoral and Boundaries  Commission seemed to have had most of the challenges under control, and though their have been some complaints of irregularities the electoral process seems to have been conducted in a fair, honest and legally correct manner.


As all the Parties and Independent candidate review the outcome of the election result,and congratulate the ” winner “,may our entire population consolidate ourselves as a Nation. It is high time that the citizens of Republic Trinidad & Tobago decide whether we wish to proceed AS THE SMALL NATION STATE THAT WE ARE, OR TO JOIN THE WIDER GROUP OF  CARIBBEAN/ OR SOUTH AMERICAN POLITIES TO FORM A CONSOLIDATED  CARIBBEAN/ OR SOUTH AMERICAN POLITICAL FRONT.


There will be much to consider as there will be much that will be impacted upon should our people and or politicians make such an alignment.


In concluding we say congratulations once again to the electorate of St. Joseph and to all citizens, and conducting agencies of the electoral process of Republic Trinidad & Tobago.


English: Trinidad and Tobago (orthographic pro...

English: Trinidad and Tobago (orthographic projection) Español: Trinidad y Tobago (proyección ortográfica) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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