Warao Shaman Raould Simon ati Karina Payi Atakosang Cristo Adonis meet and greet as the ritual is about to begin

For many years Egbe Onisin Eledumare, have stressed the need for cooperation among all the inhabitants in Republic Trinidad & Tobago

Our organization has been cognizant of the truth that a house divided against itself cannot stand

We have been cognizant of the multiple episodes of our “history” that were intended to be divisive of our current population and promote dis-interest and dis-integration in our National community

Over several years even when Emancipation Day was being established we took time to join with the Karina community in Arima on August 1st. to register our Solidarity with that community.

As efforts grew, members of our community participated in efforts with both Warao and Karina peoples here in our land to strengthen the bonds of cooperation even more as we enter into greater paradigms of world collaboration and cooperation.

Leaders of African sacred science and Warao sacred science at Banwari site

Former spokesperson of Warao community Trinidad Rabina Shar ati Oloye Orawale Oranfe 2016

Our both communities First Nations and Alkebu-lanese have found many issues and events at which we could collaborate and further strengthen the bonds of our cooperation and unity.

Leadership and representatives in both of our communities have at times changed but the love and respect among our communities have remained.

From our example at Egbe Onisin Eledumare, we have impacted on other Orisa/Alkebu-lan sacred science organizations to create and maintain links with our First Nations hosts on whose lands we are now domicile..

Our impact and influence has led to the establishment of awon ojubo/sacred spaces/shrine at some kpaale for First Nations and Indigenous people of our land.

In their architectural constructs and designs some awon kpaale have utilized the support and cooperation of the first Nations inhabitants as part of their overall structural presentation.

Preparaing Earth for ground finish at Egbe Onisin Eledumare Warao Shaman Raould Simon

Currently Egbe Onisin Eledumare continues its upgrade of outlay and kpaale facilities.

Members of both First Nations/Indigenous people of the Region have been consulted as we blend aspects of our own Ancient culture with theirs as we make a renewed Cosmic declaration of  collaboration, love and commitment to keeping our planet and region a ” Zone of Peace“.

It is our hope here at Egbe Onisin Eledumare that the sacred and secular words spoken as we work and bond together heph to create a Cosmic paradigm that would allow for the restoration of the positive values of our Ancestors stored in a specially consecrated space  created by our unified efforts so that future generations of our people can access this sacred intent and energy.

We trust that as we begin these processes and share with members of our community that the example would serve to stimulate and ignite even further and deeper levels of cooperation and collaboration as we leave a legacy of peace,love and harmony for future generations.

We are soon approaching Emancipation Day Celebrations.

May the forthcoming celebrations give our communities the opportunity to reverse the negative tides of the past 500 years of genocidal encounter that both Alkebu-lanese at First Nations Peoples of the Americas and Caribbean experienced at the hands of European led initiatives the change the placidity and tranquility of our lives.

May the personnel of “Cross Rhodes Freedom Project” which has followed in our example of establishing meaningful relationship with our First Nations and Indigenous Peoples continue to heighten both private and public engagement with our Indigenous inhabitants .

May the Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad & Tobago, seek ways and avenues to incorporate the participation of our First Nations inhabitants in the Emancipation DAY EVENTS.