Recent Editorials in our local media have seemed to suggest that President Nicolas Maduro leader of the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela should step down from power because of economic situations requiring intervention so as to alleviate the pressures of the working class in particular and all citizens of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in general.

Many of these Editorials have failed to take into consideration that the world global economy is a planned economy whereby economists and capitalist in addition to market forces manipulate recession scenarios that certain sectors and players in the world economy will have unfair advantages over other players in the world economy.

Politically, the Western World particularly United States of America have rejected Socialism as a political and economic measure to facilitate some degree of economic equality and opportunity for all within a polity and economy.

Countries and Nations that have attempted the socialist paradigm have been undermined by several measures of economic war and sabotage that the western imperialist capitalist may maintain a semblance of control and authority on the global arena.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been no exception to the attempts of the world oligarchic empire to destabilize its opponents in an attempt to convince the masses of the world that capitalism is the best solution to the word’s woes.

Prior to the death and transition of Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez Frias the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its leader and people were considered the recognizable embodiment of anti western/capitalist/ imperialism.

With the death of the Eternal Commander, western/imperialist/capitalist forces have sought to minimize the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution by collaborating with the capitalist class still active in the Republic to horde and withhold essential items and commodities desired and needed by the masses and to highlight these shortages as though they were the making of the current government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

I therefore wish to encourage all freedom loving peoples to not take the capitalist propaganda that we are now experiencing as the whole truth of the matter of the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

As one of the survivors of the world’s worst holocaust and genocidal attempts on an innocent people I empathize with the suffering of another innocent people  who are subjected to these difficulties and hardships so that a world capitalist class can attempt to  leverage political mileage and gain at the expense of the people. I say no to this bombardment of such negative propaganda on the minds of our citizens who are so wrapped up at our own efforts at survival and political readjustment that we may fail to realize the ploy of this exploitative class that wish us to break solidarity with the struggling masses of workers worldwide. It is the same class and interests that are now currently laying of hundreds of workers – men and women in several sectors of our own economy including in the steel industry.

These exploitative forces have unleashed particularly in South America such manufactured diseases as zika which hit pandemic proportions in Brasil. Here in the Caribbean we too have been subjected to other disease all aimed at destabilizing the tranquility and calm in the region.

I call on all humanitarian organizations and all people who believe that this planet was meant for all of us as human beings to enjoy the bounty of this planet to demand a stop to the interference by external agencies to the will of the masses of the people in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for a just and equitable society.

I support the right of the people and masses of workers to defend the gains of the Revolution and to retake the commands of power and restore the glory of the Name of the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez Frias and the dignity and glory of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution! Long Live the People and working masses of the Revolution. Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela .Long live President Nicolas Maduro