It would be nice to begin by saying: “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE”.

Today millions of new conscious entities came from the Sun birthed for life, exploration and expansion of  planetary growth, evolution and sanctity of our planetary space.

Republic Trinidad & Tobago was  birthed in rape and theft.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas were encountered by foreigners running away from hunger and desperation.

The encounters were disatorous to say the least.

This however did not extinguish the light of day and cultural consciousness of those who were physically brutalized during these encounters that took several decades as European based “explorers” came to these lands.

Several illustrious episodes accounting for the struggles for liberty in this part of the globe have been written.

Our history became even more complex when Alkebu-lanese citizens from various Nations in Alkebu-lan were exported to this area legally as property and commodity.

Our encounters here as people should have allowed for the development of humanity and good management of the affairs of the newly created “states”.

This has not been so.

As a direct consequence of our not focusing on these human and historical tssues our society has devolved to a social jungle.

The instrument and medium to recognition has become violence.

Whether this violence is State sponsored and endorsed ot is “gang” and street violence ; violence rules.

There has been the progressive use and sanctioning of violence to resolve our differences as parties in our multiple ethnic/race  society attempt to entrench their views and paradigm of political, social and cultural engagement.

So as this day has dawned,I rejoice for several reasons other than it is Independence Day.

I rejoice because new minds, spirits and consciousness have been spawned by the Sun.

These new life forces may not be as aggressive as past participators in our planet’s transformation process. However they are free souls sojourning towards their own destiny

How they shall accomplish their task, I don’t know.

What I do know is that they have been born specially adapted to survive the harshness of the current moment without descending to the beastiality that has hitherto manifested itself among human beings in our society.

Perhaps next year this time I shall be able to say: “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE”