It is a sad day in our Republic isles when citizen’s of the land can invade a space dedicated as a place of worship,or an intended place of worship, and not one religious body in our community raise their voice against such an invasion.

I remember only too vividly when the compound of a few Islamic spaces were invaded,and there was outcry.

I remember a Hindu space invaded and there was outcry.

I remember a Christian space invaded several decades ago and there is still out cry.

Why is there no outcry for the invasion of  ” The Lighthouse off Our Lord Jesus Christ ” ?

The lack of public outcry by citizens, civic society groups and organizations,the government and the law enforcement agencies is unacceptable.

Where are all those who cry out for law and order and social justice?

No reason can be allowed for this intolerant behaviour.

Several religious institutions have been castigated with wrong doing and none of the citizenry invade their spces and mash up their Churches.

Religious groups in this country have been accussed of being agents to and in cohorts with  “terrorists “,NOBODY invades these Churches.

Religious groups here have been accused of gross immoral misconduct, NOBODY invades them.

People ,groups,individuals are innocent until proven guilty.That is the due process of law here in Republic of  Trinidad  & Tobago.

I call on the I.R.O. and all freedom loving persons to raise their voice against such misconduct.

Until such time I don’t want any one to tell me about injustice and advantage in this land.

Several religious fraternities in this country are guided by codes that say ” Join with those that are doing GOOD , to do GOOD. PROHIBIT WRONG!

Let us all prohibit wrong.

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