Caribbean  and Latin American  countries, though being aware of the need for greater political cooperation between member states in the region have  remained separated for several decades.

The early historyof the region have pitted indigene  vs. foreigner, white vs.black, anglophone vs. francophone,  francophone  vs. hispanophone and allforeign languages vs.indigenous languages.

Our past history  brought together groups  with varying goals and destinies  who have been constantly working out  a path  to political , economic and  cultural compatibility.

Many groups and  illustrious leaders and individuals have made their contributions towards  creating a South American  political block.

The historic Fifth Summit of the Americas held in Republic Trinidad & Tobago in 2009, saw President Barack Hussein Obama II and President / Commandante Hugo Chavez Frias making the first step towards dismantling the animosity that existed  between the Bolivarian Republic Venezuela  and the United States of America. The gesture was hoped to successfully lay  a path of goodwill and optimism between  the peoples of  both  geopolities.

President Barack Hussein Obama II and President Commandante Hugo Chavez Frias

President Barack Hussein Obama II and President Commandante Hugo Chavez Frias

The current challenges that face many  Nations  globally should bring human beings of conscience together in  a more collaborative role as planetary citizens. This situation that now exists in our hemisphere  requires optimistic courage and the will to settle the discord and  challenges in the region. While I expect that there may be some obscure areas  in the  current bilateral talks and memoranda of agreements that have been engaged in by both leaders of the  countries represented,we the people  must exercise  faith in our leadership and ensure that whatsoever the nature of the agreement that all will find ourselves  in a win: win situation.

As a member of a worldwide practice of Ancient based philosophy and spirituality that will engage the COSMOS in the next few days to gain worldwide  directions for the planet,I HAVE FAITH that  an agreement such as this entered in sincerity and with  a view to alleviate  pain and replacing that pain with comfort  for all will succeed.

I pray that Eledumare will allow this moment to be remembered as  a positive turning point in the history of the Region and our planet.