Another year has rolled by in our lives. It was one filled with pain,turmoil,increasing crime,increasing moral decay, increasing authoritarianism from our policital administrators,and increasing distance between those who have a vision of hope and those who wallow in the decadence of the moment and project it into the future.

As we welcome this year’s commemoration and celebration I take this opportunity to invoke and invite the presence and spirits of our illustrious Ancestors to this year’s activities and events in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

I pay homage to and take leave and permission of the spirits of the Indigenous peoples and inhabitants of this our native land.

Respect to the Taino and all other indigenous people of the land.

Respect to Inca!

Respect to Maya!

Respect to Aztec!

Respect to Hunkpata & Hunkpatila!

I invoke the blessings of all our Afrikan Ancestors and call upon them to guide us through this year’s activities aimed at honouring them.

I greet all in our Nation of Trinidad & Tobago.

I especially greet all custodians of Afrikan and Youruba sacred science who dwell within our land.

I call to memory the spirits of:

Iyalorisa Louisa Catherine Toussaint-Grand Matriarch of Egbe Onisin Eledumare

Yeye Gbogbo Melvina Rodney

Houbonou Zahwendu

Houbonou Sedley Antoinne

Agba Aubrey Charles

Babalorisa Ebeeneezer Samuel Elliot- Pa Neezer

Babalorisa Sam Phills

Oga Onilu Andrew BiddeauAgba Kwame Toure

Agba Lancelot Kebu Layne

Babalorisa Issac Lindsey

Chief Omotoso Eluyemi- former Apena of Yorubaland

Oloye Adeyele Adelekan- former Alatunse Awo Agbaye of Ile-Ife.

All Illustrious Elders and Ancestors whose Names we have not enumerated but whose pure and noble characters permit them to be in our midst.

I exhort all of us to be patient . O ur ancient wisdom teaches: Suuru ni Baba iwa pele. Patiehce is the father of good and noble character.

Let our Nation and people have long life with good health in the year ahead. May our Minister of Health fulfill his obligation to the electorate that placed him in office.

Let our adults safeguard,guide and protect our children, and not abuse and harm them.

Let our children be returned to a state of innonence and childhoodness whereby the may experience the joys of childhood before being forced into being adults.

Let Mothers be Mothers.

Let Fathers be Fathers.

Leat children be chilgren.

Let ther be respect in our land for all and sundry.

Let those in authoriy respect themselve so that in turn others can respect them.

Let community and neighbourhood return to our land.

Let every-one take responsibility for msking our land a better land.

Happy and Victorious Emancipation!

Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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