Salutations to us all.

Our Nation and planet is at war with itself.

Human beings seem to be no longer human.

We all seem to be programmed by non human agents to serve non-human agendas.

In the Americas capitalists continue to ruin and divide societies simply because these societies do not accept the agendas set bt the capitalist world.

Caucasoid people that have mis-managed the Earth’s affairs still continue to hope to define our realities .

Some of our leaders still continue to kow tow to the request of these mis-leaders and mis – managers.

In Trinidad & Tobago crime has arrived at an unacceptable rate of 300+ accounted murders as this article is being currently penned.

Communities have been experiencing insecurity at home and at the work place.

Statistics for acamdemic performance among Alkebu-lanese youths seems to be frightening.

Some despair.

Others offer solutions within the system .

Few are courageous enough to say enough is enough and that the current system of exploitation an misappropriation of the wealth of the Nation should come to an immediate hault.

One of the communities that came here as “freed Alkebu-lanese/Africans ” were the Rada community. Chief Henry Antoine their current leader

Our youth continue to be mis-educated and are made to believe that our spiritual practices that freed us from oppression, bondage, slavery and exploitation is “devilish and evil”. Very few persons educate the youth on the importance of their persons as representative of their lineage Ancestors that successfully resisted the onslaught and machinations of a slave system.

When will all this stop.

When shal we arm the people with right knowledge, with pride in themselves/ourselves, our accomplishment, our achievements

Whe shall we begin to highlight the several good deeds, tasks, projects that are being engaged by Alkebu-lanes people without State aide and or support.

As I bring this message this year, I am not cool.

Disgrace of our natural leaders, our social, spiritual and political leaders seem to be the agenda of some entity hoping that we shall crumble and fall apart.

As I speak here I deny that such crumbling and falling shall take place

Nation take stock of yourself NOW.