Participants at ASE ODUN SANGO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2015, Caribbean


As family members in Alkebu – lan celebrate Annual World Ifa Festival in Ile Ife, Trinbagonians began celebration of ASE ODUN SANGO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2015.

Led by members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare devotees gathered at River Pilote to open the proceedings for ASE ODUN SANGO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2015.

As early as 4.15 a.m, salutations for departure from the home compound were completed as ere Sango ati edun ara and other implements,principally of the riverine orisa were transported to the Capital Port of Spain, where they were momentarily stationed until the gathering and grand departure from the city center.

Iwure/adura ati se orisa were performed before the departure. Along the way the family vibes began warming up. Singing, clapping, chanting, drumming accompanied the devotees to their destiny at River Pilote Guayaguayare.

On arrival at River Pilote some devotees had already found themselves at the ritual location. Ojubo Esu for the day was established by some of the Elders present. The entire gathering was then asked to join and homage made to Eledumare, Eegun Ile, Eegun babawa ati Iya wa. Respects were also paid to the spirits of the First Nations peoples and their Ancestors and guardian spirits.

Permission being granted to proceed, the women then gathered the ritual items and proceed to the conjunctions of the Atlantic Ocean and River Pilote. Invocations were made and the ritual necessities were engaged. The blessings for the proceedings were engaged and blessings pronounced.

Participants shared communal lunch and drink , before the return journey to the capital and then to Petit Valley.

The Festival continues till 7th. June, 2015

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